Honor Your Gifts

Respect the Process

Live Your Purpose

In this information packed virtual training (video above), we share a

one-of-a-kind offer we put together for our

Ab-SOUL-utely Possible Pass. 

In this information packed virtual training (video above), we share a one-of-a-kind offer we put together for our Ab-SOUL-utely Possible Pass. 

“The Clinical Shaman Membership” is our Monthly Mentorship… where we

Guide you on the Healing Processes of Shamanism.


  • Unlock your Purpose with Your Gifts

  • Gain confidence in your ability to help others 

  • Explore the structure of how to explain “What is a Shaman?”

  • Benefit from ‘What other people think’ of your work

  • Position YOU, the expert, with these processes 


When done correctly and with heart, you can Integrate Shamanic Principles into Your Everyday Life and your practice effortlessly.

In the recorded training, we give a behind-the-scenes overview of what it means to be a "Shaman". Guiding you on how to master your own healing and guide others in removing their blocks to healing as well. (watch video above).


Did you know??

Over 90,000 people per month Search for
What is a Shaman???


And since there is an incredible calling for our world to be Awake & Conscious, learning the ancient processes of self-mastery, generational clearing in your family and delivering a deeper connection with your clients is an essential and logical next step


The inability to have access to proven tools that combat the “energies” and experiences that are so intense right now, may cost you the very health you treasure or that of your clients.

 Let us help guide you on this Shaman journey, without feeling you are alone.

What you don’t know or understand when it comes to Shamanism can be costly, whether for yourself or your clients.. It certainly has been for me!  


Shamanism played an integral part in guiding my Personal Health journey and ultimately Healing myself from Autoimmune diagnosis.

Let me ask you,

  • Who do you trust to train you in a Practical Application of Shamanism while providing ongoing mentorship?
  • Are you looking for an aligned spiritual and God-focused Shamanism right now?
  • Who do you know that is willing to  share "realistic" tools and processes- Safely?

There are NO shortcuts to earning a FULL Mesa Shaman status, nor any on the journey to be ready to undertake such an exhilarating experience.  Finding an organization that offers to mentor you through the processes is the KEY to any self-mastery and real-life application.


It all starts with...

  • The 12-Step Path to Shamanic Self Mastery:
  • Running with Fire

  • The Deal Maker

  • Inner Journey of Truth

  • The Birthing of Angels 

  • I Did it Again
  • Safe Space Within
  • Isolation is an Adventure
  • The Mastery Path

  • The Alignment Factor

  • The Big Cleanup

  • Cocoon to Butterfly

  • The Full Circle Moment

 HOW do all the pieces fit together?  

So HOW do all the pieces fit together?  

Within each of these 12 Self-Mastery steps  is a world of robust discovery designed for 

Rewiring the Possibilities of  Self.Family.Clients.

There’s a moment in time where you go all in on you and everything changes. AND we want to be there for the celebration.


There is excitement all around as we are being called to become more conscious.  Learning how to step in to our Empath calling with confidence while releasing the anxiety is a component of the Clinical Shaman's monthly membership. 


We know there are Challenges.  There are so many COMPLEXITIES, a steep learning curve, not to mention, so many options for research...


What we have discovered are the options are frustrating:

  • Training via online only: No Hands-On Opportunities

  • NO ongoing support for the implementation of the processes

  • Organizations that are a bit “wooo wooo”- Like - get off the Unicorn already...

  • And of course…..those programs that are driven by you as a number in their roster

  • The whole thing is OVERWHELMING!  

Not to mention EXPENSIVE... you could easily spend $8-10K on a Shamanic Program. That would include your modules, workbooks and, of course, training from “world renowned” Shamans. 

Did I mention that meeting those World Renowned Shamans rarely actually occur? But if you like a video-and-good-luck-on-implementation ‘style’ of training.....then go for it.

There’s such a stigmatism to Shamanism and confusion on “who is safe” to learn from….

If you don’t get the right education plus ongoing support and implementation it is just another certification or program that was a waste of your resources.  (ask me how I know!!)

Not to mention the sleepless nights and heartache on your soul… knowing your medicine gifts aren’t  reaching the people they are meant to reach...including your family. Simply put, you could help more people by guiding them as the expert down the healing journey.


To add insult to injury, every time you go online or on social media, everyone else looks like they’ve got it all figured out.  It starts to impact your self confidence, your personal power, your passion and joy for your important work in the world.  Not to mention your clients are utilizing the services of other professionals...with not-so great outcomes!

It can be TOXIC and suddenly find yourself slipping into coping patterns… addictions, isolation and avoidance. THEN, beating yourself up because, with all the professional training, dedicated hours to your calling and spiritual work you’ve done, “you are burnt out and hit the wall.”  


DID I mention...you bought another "machine" to bring in the revenue, but still the results for your clients are shallow.  You know there has to "be more" to this profession. After all, you are trained to help people.


And when it comes to finding a safe yet robust Shaman training, you're lost.  You have no idea of what steps to take or who to TRUST… I get it, I have been there.  

But It Doesn't Have To Be Like This

Now You Have a CHOICE!

The Support you NEED.

The Safety you Deserve.

The Experienced Professionals you Want.

As a Clinical Shaman - We bridge the GAP between

Alternative-…..(non-licensed) Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Herbalist, Health Coach

Complementary….(licensed) Chiropractic, Acupuncture - use SOME of both depending on licenses

Medical / Allopathic…(licensed) MD, DO…Pharma- Innovating to survive - Reinvention of purpose

Join us and release the anxiety, depression and frustration!

Start achieving the results with your Clients/Patients today!


Angie Ates - Full Mesa Shaman

By investing in yourself and getting the right Clinical Shaman education, along with implementation support, you’ll build a SOLID FOUNDATION as we walk alongside you for years to come. 


The RIGHT foundation built the RIGHT way can take you further than you’ve imagined. 

The Clinical Shaman Membership is a Mentorship that  will walk with you step-by-step as you build your Shamanic toolbox and learn how to gain confidence in your personal healing and guide your family and clients through their healing processes more effectively. 

Clinical Shaman- Rewiring the Possibilities- The Shaman Tool Box

  • Soul Involvement, Past Lives, Generational / Ancestral
  • Recognize the layers of energy around the body
  • Recognize the importance of Chakras and how to work WITH them
  • Soul Retrieval processes AND aftercare template, Soul Remembering, Inner Child Work guidebook,  Shadow work and MORE!
  • Ultimately, HOW to integrate into a NORMAL everyday lifestyle

Simply put…Tapping into and
Using Ancient Wisdom with Confidence and Knowing

You’ll become known for your powerful work and a “go to” expert in your field. You’ll have quicker results using authentic and reliable processes and  finally help those that need you most.


You will obtain a Clear Sense of Direction on the Guided Path to Self Mastery and have mentoring to support your path and the connections for professional collaborations. 

You’ll be able to finally live your purpose with passion. You can spend more time with family and friends as you travel your own journey of healing self while finally helping your clients on YOUR terms.  

This creates a better income for you while addressing the root cause of client imbalances. 

 Nothing feels as good as FREEDOM to live life on your terms!


The Clinical Shaman Membership is open to anyone looking to embrace their gifts while helping others.

The Clinical Shaman Membership is for you IF:

  • You are ready to get out of your own way

  • You have unique gifts and are ready to claim them.

  • You are ready to release years of religious ideology.

  • You have experience of other “energy work” modalities. 

  • You want to gain confidence in your knowledge

  • You’re looking for a SAFE place to share and learn 

  • You’re a newbie to all this “energy” stuff.

  • You want more Processes in dealing with being an Empath


You know you need to stand in your Genius of Gifts… NOW more than ever!  It is YOUR time now…. because you were called for a time like this!


You want to reach more people with your gifts. But being able to explain to others what you are doing and have the confidence to feel safe doing it  has stopped you.. up until now! 

With The Clinical Shaman Membership, we’ll help you build your Shaman foundation and have an opportunity to apply for our world class Full Mesa Shaman education.

We provide Monthly Themed training  for a step-by-step process to eliminate overwhelm.

Ultimately, we enhance the knowledge
 you currently possess and guide you down unexplored processes for growth and expansion, bringing all the pieces together.

Here's everything you're going to get every month:

Core Clinical Shaman Method Training Themes

These training modules guide you on the path to self mastery as you implement the concepts in everyday life. Each topic offers a comprehensive guide book to ensure effective use of the building blocks of the Clinical Shaman Method.

Astrology Forecast 

To help you be prepared by the planetary aspects of energies you will experience during the month.

Shaman Tool/ Technique

Whether recorded via live virtual interaction or in an on-demand prerecorded style, these core tools/techniques will kickstart the contents of your Shaman Tool Box.

Watch Party

Where we come together as a Tribe and “‘watch” one of the courses within the on-demand section.  Afterwards, we workshop out the take-aways and implementation action steps.

Tribal Q&A / Group Healing Call

To answer questions and support the implementation process for the month.  At the end of the zoom call, a group healing is performed using Shamanic rituals, processes, etc.

Rattle Me In

Throughout the month, as Angie and Team are called to offer additional training, support calls etc. They will be live or recorded and offered via the Rattle Me In (bonus) section of the Membership.

On Demand Programs​

Full training programs to enhance self mastery and core energy concepts. These are available to you on demand. Unlimited viewing and they never expire.

Here’s to your GLOBAL Impact… integrating into your everyday life,  healing yourself and helping more people.  We believe in YOU!!  Let's start this TOGETHER today.

Make it an EPIC Shamanic Day
Angie Ates

Full Mesa Shaman

Founder of Academy EPIC

Founder of Clinical Shaman


P.S. You are gonna LOVE this Membership format!!  Think Training for ALLLLL levels of experience….newbies...experienced...deep divers...and more!

It is a MONTHLY connection to your Soul.

Clinical Shaman

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